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The TECHFEST MUNICH is an international technology festival and a hands-on fusion of technology, design, and science.

For one weekend, we bring together 300 entrepreneurs, creatives, tech evangelists, corporate innovators, designers, coders, hackers and makers.


More_ Impact

In teams of 3-5 people, participants can create things that are innovative, tech-related, extraordinary or just geeky and funny. In facilitation workshops, we will guide you through the process of ideation, team building, and rapid prototyping. 72 hours of TECHFEST are a starting point for more_.


More_ Fun

The priority is on doing over watching, implementation over talking, and crazy over normal. To further boost out-of-the-box creativity, we will create a high-energy spectacle with art-installations, music, and special activities like yoga sessions, a funfair, and much more_.


You are only allowed to select two prizes /challnges. If you hand in your submission to more than two prizes WE HAVE TO REMOVE YOU FROM THE DRAFT. Please select 2 prizes / challnges MAX

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22,494 in prizes

MAN Challenge: Profiles of Digital Trucks - What’s in the data ? (3)

We are looking for a way to understand this type of data. What is hidden? How can we find out ? Use the technology we and other partners provide to dig deeper into the dataset.
* Can GPS and fuel consumption be an indicator for the range / radius of the truck ?
* Is the distance between a trucker and his buddies relevant for where to stop ?
Can you recommend a great „meet up“ spot for truck drivers ?
Find correlations, visualize them or make them accessible in a way YOU see fit !
We don’t know what you will find. Find a great way to help us and the audience understand your insights.
Maybe you create an interactive visualization (e.g. about oil-temperatures at certain GPS coordinates) ? Maybe you build a search interface for your results ? Correlate with external traffic or other statistical data? Maybe you enrich the driver with an AR goggle? Or you could „explore“ the results in VR?
Be creative and surprise us!!

OSRAM Challenge: Re-invent light (3)

Creation of prototype apps which combine hardware & software to set up a new product related eco-system. Reinvent light by bringing together Sensors, Boards, Lights and Fashion. We empower you with the newest IoT enabled hardware (arduinos, senosors, gallileos etc.). Creative hacking and prototyping with fantasy - fashionable wearable

AstraZeneca Challenge: The chemistry lab of the future (3)

Despite significant advances in automation and purification drug molecules are still synthesized in laboratories that would be recognisable to chemists of one hundred years ago. Most working steps are done manually, compounds are made on multi-milligram scale, and the overall throughput per chemist is limited. We aspire to completely transform the iterative design, synthesis and screening of molecules by applying modern automation, machine learning, and miniaturisation techniques to early discovery activities such as chemistry and biology. There are significant technical challenges involved; particularly managing a large diverse array of reagents some of which are air and moisture sensitive, telescoping and integrating multiple reaction steps and replicating the manual dexterity and on-the-fly problem solving of a skilled synthesis chemist.

What are we looking for: transformational ideas and technologies which could be used or developed to allow fully automated multistep synthesis. Ideas to store and access reagents in different physical forms and consistencies, machine learning and error handling applied to synthetic chemistry.

The entire pharmaceutical industry is currently looking into a wider application of lab automation. Join in and share your knowledge and expertise.

adidas: RE-IMAGINE FOOTBALL with adidas Smartball

In past few decades Football as a sport hasn’t seen a lot of technological innovation. Even though the sport itself may never change much but how we play with it and the experience around it can change. Think of an impact you can make when you bring cutting edge technology & digital experience to the forefront of the biggest sport in the world.
When it comes to Football adidas is number one sporting brand in the world and we want it that way when the technological shift in this game happens. That is why we keep innovating and have created products such as Smartball, Elite Team Systems and most recently the Laceless boots. But is that all we can do? What can YOU think of when we enable you to read all the data Smartball produces? Maybe you couple it with LED lights in the shirt of a player shooting the ball and the shirt glows in red when they kick it hard! Maybe the stadium lights up when you start the game with a Smartball! Maybe you create a new digital experience with your phone and Smartball in the field! Or you create something with it that we couldn’t have thought of. We invite you to rethink the way we do sports - GO CREATE.

Hopefully no misspelling or such so please do read it before you publish it, if all’s good then please proceed.

Does this cover everything that you need from me this week?

next47 by Siemens: Virtual Job Trainer

The challenge is to train the workers on the production assembly lines and authenticate if they are well trained on their daily tasks.
The system will show the worker a Virtual Reality session of the assembly process in 3D.
The system will perform a ‘Test’ to ensure the worker is well trained and ready to start doing the real job – this will be the main part of the challenge.

Wild Track: Landeshauptstadt München

The most creative and simply WILD and CRAZY project wins !

Amazon Web Services

Win 4000 AWS Credits for a novel use of our IoT or Cloud API / Services


An awesome project that utilizes the Flixbus API.

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How to enter

Experience out-of-the-box creativity and hands-on innovation! 

Apply now at our TECHFEST Homepage and be part of the event. We will select every week 30-80 participants that we invite to join. Once you are here, we care for everything. From food to sleeping and tech, we have what you need.













next47 by Siemens




Landeshauptstadt München


Amazon Web Services


Munich Startup

Judging Criteria

  • Technical Functionality
  • User Interface
  • Uniqueness & Creativity
  • Challenge fit
  • TECHFEST Award only: Usage of provided Technology
  • TECHFEST Award only: Business & Market impact
  • TECHFEST Award only: Swag & Craziness

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